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Handheld Device

Industrial handheld terminal because of its strong, durable, can promote enterprise informatization and data is widely used, LCD display as the core part of the handheld terminal, and the requirements of the general mobile phone products are completely different, for the reliability of the product, weather resistance, extreme use environment match has more stringent requirements, But at the same time taking into account the visibility of the display screen and the effect of the touch screen, industrial handheld terminal is mainly used in the complex and harsh operating environment, the industrial display is required to have a good three-proof function, can waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof, and can withstand the test of falling.

In industrial applications due to the impact of the environment for brightness requirements are not the same, in the indoor environment brightness is generally in 250-300cd/m2, if in outdoor application, the general brightness demand is higher, need to reach 500-1000 cd/m2.

In order to increase the readability of the LCD screen under strong light, Ruixiang has made technical improvements, greatly increasing the display optical effect and anti-vibration performance of the display, realizing the clear visibility of the LCD in the sunlight, and enhancing the competitiveness of the LCD in high-end and continuous use demand, outdoor and other fields.