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Medical Touch Display Solutions

Medical touch screen displays are typically integrated into medical devices with ease of use, precision, clear optics, lightness, and minimal tools. Whether integrated into handheld controls or LCD panels in the operating room, our custom touch screens improve patient care while meeting stringent manufacturing regulations set by the healthcare industry. We design and manufacture touch screens that can be used with scalpels, pointing devices, gloved fingers and bare fingers in a multi-touch, bezel-less, seamless, fully integrated capacitive touch screen embedded into a graphic scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof decorative cover plate. We are the complete medical touch screen display problem solver.

We combine the latest passive optical film enhancement technology with the highest performance LED backlight.

We can develop lightweight solutions for handheld devices, as well as heavy-duty, wear-resistant, shielded devices for operating room equipment and the like.

We have complete optical fit capabilities to complete packaging and maximize display optics and durability.

We have over a decade of combined experience developing complete medical touch screen display solutions and know what it takes to produce successful products.